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Customized Private Journeys

Above: The lights of Glenbeigh village over Dingle Bay from Minard, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Image: Peter Cox.

Bespoke guided tours for family and small private groups throughout the island of Ireland since 1986.

Binky; preparing for 2021 and beyond…


As we start planning for 2021, I think of the last 30 odd years and how privileged I feel to have had Ireland and its people be so much a part of my life.


Over those years, Con, Ann and I have travelled many times all over the island of Ireland. We have walked green roads, coastal paths, and where you would never know there was a path. I have learned stories of the ones who walked that land before us, for thousands of years before us.


I have visited old and new friends who live all over Ireland. The ones who farm the land; fish the seas; smoke the fish, distill the whiskey, grow the vegetables and potatoes and cook them; the real people of a great and proud nation. It’s been an incredible experience for me.


But what I find truly amazing is that even after all our journeys together, Con can still take me to places that I have never seen and teach me new things about Ireland. His knowledge and passion for his country is very deep and powerful and that is what has made The Hidden Ireland Tours unique and incomparable for the last three decades.


And Ann, she can arrange anything; take better care of people than anyone in the business; and make us all laugh and have fun. Her keen Irish wit and sense of fun make her the perfect companion for any journey. And she (literally) knows everyone up and down the west coast of Ireland!


So like I said, what a privilege for me to work with these professionals in our mission to introduce you to our Hidden Ireland. Emerging from this strange time and the enforced sabbatical of 2020, we are ready with great anticipation for 2021 to share our excitement and wonderful new experiences. I hope you’ll join us on an unforgettable journey.



Binky Oswalt Hidden Ireland Tours

Renowned, tailor-made guided trips run throughout the island of Ireland at any time of year

A Hidden Ireland personalized, guided tour can be provided anywhere on the island of Ireland. To explore what is possible, all you have to do is give us some information on your planned dates, the number in your group, the type of accommodations you prefer, any special interests you have – and then we’d like to share our ideas with you.


That Ireland with it’s spell-binding beauty and it’s rich mix of the ancient with the contemporary works itself into the open soul is known to many. A powerful history with an archaeological inventory scattered across the island and a deep Celtic spirituality provides a backdrop to a young, vibrant and modern nation awash with creativity in the arts, food and other cultural expressions. In short; Ireland is an extremely interesting and exciting place to visit these days!


Call or email us and share any ideas you may have on places you’d like to visit and then, if possible we would then love to chat with you, to explore what might be possible and of interest to you.


Browsing this site, please take a look at these merely suggestive itineraries as starting points from which we might build your bespoke vacation. After we chat, we will plan the tour of your dreams. We work with groups of all sizes, individual needs – and we love catering for people’s special interests!


The small island of Ireland holds some of the world’s most beautiful land and seascapes along with a fascinating human history. Here at the edge of Europe, the Stone Age communities introduced agriculture, art and a sense of spiritual life that is recorded in the physical and meta-physical fabric of contemporary Ireland. It is intermingled with subsequent waves of influences, coming through the Bronze Ages, the Celtic Iron Age, Christianity, Viking, Anglo-Norman and English conquests and finally independent statehood before merging into the modern Ireland. Today a new nation has awakened, enriched by the ingredients of an incredible past.

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