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Above: The Blasket Islands lie to the west of the Dingle Peninsula, Corca Dhuibhne. Photo: Peter Cox.

Sample: Walking Tour of West Cork and Kerry


The peninsulas of Mizen, Sheep’s Head, Beara and Iveragh

A place apart is a term perhaps overused nowadays but in the case of the peninsulas of the southwest of Ireland – such a reference is surely appropriate.


Here beautiful fertile river valleys that flow to the ocean and who’s floors and sides are exquisite tapestries of small farmsteads have become the epicentre of Ireland’s Slow Food revolution. To the west, the landscape folds into mountainous fingers of land that extend into the North Atlantic separated by spectacular bays. It is a place of breathtaking beauty and home to vibrant rural and small town communities.


This short walking tour of West Cork and Kerry provides our guests to sample our very favourite walks and hikes in this region over a range of journeys to suit all levels of ability and interest. From rambling through

ancient oak woodlands and silent valleys dotted with millennia of antiquity, to wild coastal headlands and rugged mountains – the walking here is the finest in Ireland!


Our intimate knowledge of the region arises from years of exploring it’s walking, climbing and nature, the incredible archaeology of the area including many sacred megaliths and from our friends here among the people of the land and sea, confident warm souls that include some of Ireland’s most renowned fine food producers, fishermen and farmers and artists. We will share with you places so wild and beautiful on this trip that truly you will feel like you are treading through lands undiscovered. You will come close and personal with places of beauty that will resonate within you long after you leave and delve deep into rich layers of natural and cultural histories.

Con & Ann, What an amazing trip, to spend with you both and our group, your compassion, enthusiasm, sharing encouragement makes this special magical place come alive again for us with so many new memories and experiences.    Thank you again for getting Paddy to the top of the mountain and sharing your knowledge and stories of the people.


Sally & Paddy, PA, USA
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This outstanding walking tour can be operated at the time of your choice for your group. The walking levels are ultimately based on the needs of the participants with spectacular hikes available throughout, ranging from Easy to Strenuous.


The price varies depending on the size of your group and your choice of accommodation. Please contact Binky for the details on info@hiddenirelandtours.com


Available at any time throughout the year for private parties.