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Great Blasket Island Tour


Lying off the western tip of Corca Dhuibhne/the Dingle Peninsula, this group of islands appear as beautiful shapes on the eye for all travellers in the region. Naturally, they are mere extentions of the peninsula, isolated when sea levels rose after the last ice ages.

An Bhlaoscaod Mhór agius Na Blaoscaodí (Great Blasket Island and Blasket archipeligo)


These are hilly places overlain with blanket bogs, surrounded by great cliffs, coves and pinnacles of hard sandstone rock, battered and shaped by the Atlantic…


Evidence of human habitation is etched on the surfaces of the islands, from the late bronze age/early iron ages and through the early-Christian era and into contemporay times. In the early 20th century, the idigenous community of fishermen and farmers were “discovered” by travellers and quickly and became the focus of attention for visiting scholars and curious types from around Europe.

Deemed to be the last of a kind and to live in a Gaelic society that had eroded in all but on the remotest islands, this community and it’s visitors forged extraordinary relationships that brought the islands and their people to the attention of the wider world through biographies and auto-biographical books that are renowned in the canon of folk writings.


A walk on the Great Blasket, among the incredible nature of the place is an experence out of time, but it is when the rich cultural layers of the people of this place are added, that something magical in essence is experienced. Our excurions on this island are led by men and women with close connections to the nature, history, powerful lore of this place, closest to the ancient Edge of the World.

Thank you for a marvellous trip to these beautiful Islands,  we had a wonderful time and learnt so much about your heritage.   What a beautiful peaceful place.


Roger & Amelia,   Ontario, Canada
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This outstanding walking tour can be operated at the time of your choice for your group. The walking levels are ultimately based on the needs of the participants with spectacular hikes available throughout, ranging from Easy to Strenuous.


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