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Skellig Michael Tour


Skellig Michael is a rock island located some 15 kilometres off the Kerry coast. One of Ireland’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this spectacular peak and it’s neighbouring Small Skellig is home to tens of thousands of seabirds, among them; fulmars, gannets, guillemots, manx shearwaters, puffins, razorbills, guillemots, storm petrels, gannets and more.

Due to the increased awareness of the remarkable and sacred site of Skellig Michael arising out of the island featuring on the last two Star Wars movies, access to the UNESCO world heritage site (and film location!) is now difficult to secure. Hidden Ireland Tours  visit Skellig Michael – conditions permitting only as part of our personalized, guided multi-day vacations – and with a handful of pre-planned day excursions which can be arranged subject to availability for individuals and groups up to 10. For availability and a quote, contact; Kay Woods – kay@hiddenirelandtours.com 

  • Please note; Hidden Ireland Tours do not arrange boat-trips for casual travellers to the Skelligs. We respectfully suggest these inquiries be directed to the local boat operators found online.


Located off the southwestern corner of Ireland, west of the great headlands of Bolus and Bray, these dark dramatic peaks that pierce the ocean as pyramidal islands draw a powerful reaction for all who see them.  Deemed by many to be an ancient power point and linked to the energetic leylines of the earth (Michael Leyline), today, the rock island is renowned for the ruins of an early-Christian monastery.


First built by an incredible bunch of hermetical monks in the 6th century, the community of aesthetics remained on Skellig until the 12th century or so though the site has continued to be a place of pilgrimage for traveller from around the globe. Today, the remnants of the truly extraordinary monastery, elaborate stairs climbing the steep faces for hundreds of metres from different sides of the island to that enclosure and it’s other-worldly South Summit hermitage is without equal in the world.


George Bernard Shaw, writing in 1910:
“But for the magic that takes you out far out of this time and this world, there is Skellig Michael ten miles off the Kerry coast, shooting straight up seven hundred feet sheer out of the Atlantic. Whoever has not stood in the grave-yard on the summit of that cliff among the beehive dwellings and beehive oratory does not know Ireland through and through”.

“I tell you the thing does not belong to any world that you and I have lived and worked in: it is part of our dream world.

– Irish play write and Noble literary laureate, George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950) after a visit to Skellig Michael on September 17, 1910


Skellig Michael is a UNESCO world heritage site and is managed by the Irish Government’s heritage service (OPW) and the Irish Lighthouse Commission who’s two 19th century lighthouses (closed to the public) are worthy of a journey alone. Landing on Skellig Michael is tightly governed – by weather and regulation but for those called to this place, it will surely be a highlight of any trip to Ireland.

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This outstanding walking tour can be operated at the time of your choice for your group. The walking levels are ultimately based on the needs of the participants with spectacular hikes available throughout, ranging from Easy to Strenuous.


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